15 Easy Steps of On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Image
  1. Focus Keyword(One for Each Page)-Adwords.google.com (Each Page will Have a New Focus keyword)
  2. Meta Title of Each Page (Must contain the focus Keyword)
  3. Meta Description (Must contain the focus Keyword) and description of what that Page is all about
  4. Image on each Page (with Alt Txt) Alt txt describes what the image is about (for Example) if it’s an Image with a Person playing Guitar, Alt txt can be Guitar or Learn Guitar
  5. Internal Linking amongst Pages ( also Controls Bounce Rate)
  6. External Linking (not necessary, but good to do)
  7. Focus Keyword In H2 H1 (Heading 2 and Heading 1) of the page
  8. Focus Keyword in the First Pargraph of the Webpage
  9. Keywords Density in Check (Keywords to Amount of Text in check) not more than 2 to 5%
  10. Eg: if 500 words content (keywords in that should not exceed 5%
  11. Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  12. Relevant and Original Content ( content should not be copied, Plagiarised) and Pics should be free or original pics (no copywright on images)
  13. Website updated in Google Webmaster Tool for proper Indexing,
  14. Website updated in Google Analytics to get Info on no, of visitors, Bounce Rate, New Visitors and other Information.
  15. About us Page, Privacy Policy Page, XML Sitemap Submitted, robots.txt File check

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