Building a Website – using WordPress CMS Platform

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Steps on Setting up WordPress

Buy Domain Name- through any of the famous platforms (like Go daddy or Hostgator)

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Buy Hosting through any of the platforms like Go Daddy and Hostgator (Please note while buying hosting, please be sure that you get control Panel along with it) also it is suggested that you buy only Web Hosting, and Linux Plan hosting.


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If you buy Domain Name and Hosting through the same platform, then you do not need to change Name Servers, in Simple Terms your work is a little easy now. If you have bought Domain Name and Hosting from different Platforms click here >>>

Always have your email open in a different Tab, as you are asked to verify your email address, before you can do anything with your account

You can just log in to your account (from where you had bought domain Name and hosting) assuming it is go daddy, Log in to your Account, using User Name and Password, you had set up while you were buying the Domain Name and hosting, once logged in, go to my products.

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There you will see the domain Name and Hosting, and besides that you will see a button Manage, please click on Manage besides Web Hosting, and you will be prompted to setup a User Name and Password for the Hosting Control Panel Please note that this User Name and Password is different from the Go Daddy Account user name and Password, that you had set up, (or any other platforms)Manage 1 site


once you reach a different Panel, you can also choose the Data Center as Asia, once you have done that, the control Panel will set up in 2 to 3 minutes.

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Once it opens, please go to Web Applications and there you will see WordPress (Blog), click on it and install, before it installs, you will be prompted to set up Admin User Name and Password, please do not make any other changes at this point, set up just the Admin User Name and Password (please note this is different than the other 2 user name and password you had set up and the most important once), once you have set it up, just hit Install and you are all set

wordpress log in 1


to log in to your website you just need to enter the, and log in with Admin User Name and Password, and you will come to back end of the website

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