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cpanel-hosting from a different platform

If you have bought Domain Name and Hosting from Different Platforms, No Problem !, the Domain is required when you are buying hosting from a different Platform. you can set up cpanel in simple and easy steps.

let’s say Hostgator is where you have bought hosting from, it will ask you, what domain name you would like to host, once you enter the domain name, half the job is done, (please note only buy hosting with control Panel, it is suggested you buy Web hosting and Linux hosting)


Once you have bought the hosting, (please check your email) you will receive an email with the Hosting Control panel log in details and Name Servers, Name Servers are different for different platforms, it will have NS in front of it  which look like this



Now that you have the Name Servers with you, log in to the Platform from where you had bought Domain Name from, there we need to update the Name Servers that you receive in the email from your hosting provider, simple isn’t it. Once you have logged in click on My Products


and then Click on Manage next to Domain Name


Select the Domain Name you would like to set Name Servers for and Click Set Name Server


Please click on Custom and Add Name Server and you will be asked to enter the Name Servers that you have, which you had received from your hosting provider,


Once you have added and Saved the Name Servers, it take sometime for it to be updated, Turn around Time is supposedly 24 hours, but the changes are reflected in 30 minutes time, which means once you log in to your cpanel, you have everything you need.


To Learn how to download WordPress and update cpanel Click here >>>




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